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On Jun 7-9,2007,2007 3th China international wine&spirits exhibiton in Guangzhou.
On Nov 22,2006,China wine business website cooperate with Shenzhen alcohol industry association.
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Guangdong province alcohol industry association
Shenzhen alcohol industry association
Shenzhen Riwen vineyard
Sourceland Shenzhen Co.,ltd
Shenzhen North American Classical Trading INC.
Shenzhen DaTangYuanHeng wine development Co.,Ltd.
Canada St.Lawrence vineyard
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Wine exhibitions Features and limitation:

⑴ The space is small with venders in limited quantity. Wine fairs usual are held in one city, many venders prefer searching suppliers instead of attending fair because of a lot of costs such as travelling expenditures which means a little effect.

⑵ The time is limited . during fair, only a few venders have time to attend. Most of them have enough time to arrange for attending the fair.

⑶ Difficult in Language communication. Different clients from different countries with different languages which prevent clients knowing the wine in a best way. Bad effect in communicating result in not good business effect.

⑷ Too short time . it is not enough for venders to know and compare the products during 3 or 5 days during the fair.

⑸ High expenditure. It will take a lot of money such as tickets, hotels costs, fairs costs etc for attending the fair.

Advantages for wine business website :

⑴ Extensive space and buyers in good quantity. The visitors of wine business website are mainly wine buyers in china who are from every places and can visit the website at any time and any place , then start the purchase plan.

⑵ No time limitation. You can promote your products at any time and any place through website benefitly. And buyers can find your products in the same way .

⑶ Languages benefits. Your products can be promoted by website in Chinese language ,in this case, buyers can know your products well and reach a best purchasing plan.

⑷ Long Time Ad effect . you can introduce and show your products 24 hours every days and 365 days one year.

⑸ Low expenditure. Ad expenditure means 1/5 cost compared with all the fair costs.

Chinese Wine Business website welcome all the wine distributors from every place from all the china, who visit our website every day. So our website face to potential buyers in great quantity with good advertisements. At the same, to help overseas wine suppliers to look for good buyers, we supply translation service and translate into Chinese version. In this case, Chinese buyer can find your products easily. After all, the cost is very low for 1200USD/year.

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